Personal Integral Key Coaching

Personal Integral Key Coaching is custom designed for you, and reflects your individual goals. Working with one or more of a team of professionals, you will develop and implement a Transformation Plan to bring about the transformation you want in any (or all) aspect of life -- career, relationship, health and fitness, creativity, spirituality, or any other area where you want to grow. While specific goals are important and serve as the focus, Personal Integral Key Coaching recognizes that for true change to take place, it needs to be grounded at the levels of body, emotion, mind, and spirit, and each of these levels is addressed in the process. Email for more information.

Value Transitions Coaching

There are times when we feel that our values are shifting - when our careers, relationships, our entire lives, are on the cusp of significant changes. Although we often fail to recognize it, the underlying issue is that our values are in the process of changing. It may sound like an esoteric problems, but discovering that you no longer place the same value on career, success, or a personal relationship can be deeply challenging. Value transitions coaching is designed to help you understand and make the most of the opportunities inherent in times when your values shift. An evolutionary growth spurt can be difficult, but it can also be liberating, and even enjoyable. Email for more information.

Microbusiness Consulting Services

Clarity of vision for your business is the first step in creating a successful enterprise. Integral Transformation can help you focus on your goals, and provide support to make them a reality. From help with writing or editing advertising copy to helping you to find your unique market, Integral Transformation offers a range of cost-effective services to microbusinesses. Connecting people and ideas and bridging the gap between traditional and innovative approaches to business are among the goals of Integral Transformation. Developing presentations, workshops, and seminars are our specialities. Contact us by email for more information.