What is Integral Transformation?

If you’re a mathematician, it’s a particular type of calculation, but that’s not what we’re talking about here. Integral Transformation is about the transformative process as it applies to all areas of life.

Integral means embracing all perspectives, at all levels of existence. That means seeing what each perspective offers: the left and the right, the traditional and the radical, as well as all of the various fields of knowledge; such as the psychological, sociological, spiritual, and economic.

Transformation is change that affects the very essence of a person or thing. On a personal level, it means changing not only what you do or how you do it, but the very sense of who you are, your identity.

Integral Transformation is therefore a movement towards a new state of being, an evolutionary process. This website is designed to help you on this complex but very rewarding journey.

We are often victims of a fragmented perspective. We might seek to improve our bodies, only to find that our mental habits and emotional responses undermine our efforts (with trips to the refrigerator). We try to make spiritual progress, but discover that our financial worries and aching back become the focus of our meditation. We try to balance family, relationship, and career, but wind up juggling multiple personalities that cannot get along with each other, let alone anyone else.

On a social and political level, we make the same mistakes. Our fragmented views each hold some truth, but it should be obvious by now that no one has - or will have - “the” truth. Politics becomes rancorous, and social issues become dangerously charged as competition to win the day overshadows the goal of creating a livable society. Truly creative solutions are impossible, because they don’t support any one ideology.

What is needed - and what is emerging - is a new world view that can see the value of multiple perspectives at the same time.

Integral Transformation, LLC, is dedicated to providing you with quality information and services for your personal transformative journey. We are particularly focused on integrating:

- Western health care with traditional and alternative healing;

- the contemporary scientific/materialistic world view with metaphysical perspectives; and

- spiritual practice with the practical demands of everyday life.

It’s a tall order, and yet only a small slice of the overall integral program.

We’re bringing together people who are in forefront of a movement for deep change, creating a community of individuals, businesses, and organizations that are evolving a new way of living - something that is vitally important for us all, individually and collectively.