Meditation for People Who Can't Meditate: Group/Corporate Module

You know the benefits of meditation - it reduces stress, improves focus, helps you to meet your goals, and improves intuitive skills. It can also improve cohesiveness among a group of individuals working together in a stressful environment.

Problem is, you've tried it and you just can't do it. Your mind is too restless. Or your body is too uncomfortable. Or you have no imagination. Or no concentration. Or you get bored. Or you don't have enough time. Meditation just isn't for you.

But it is! Meditation is a skill everyone can learn - a restless mind and achy body aren't real obstacles. In fact, pretty much everyone who meditates seriously experiences these things. The secret is in letting go of misconceptions about meditation and finding the right practice for you!

This course will introduce your organization or company to a few basic meditation techniques that can easily be incorporated into busy daily schedules. You can start to feel the benefits of meditation quickly, and without frustration.

This course is offered for groups of 2 - 20 people. We will meet weekly for five weeks, for 45 - 60 minute sessions - at a location convenient to you (your office or group meeting space in the greater New York City region, including lower Hudson Valley, Northern New Jersey, and Southern Connecticut). The cost is $500. Email for more information.

About the instructor: Armand M. Diaz, Ph.D. has been practicing meditation for more than 20 years. He is an experienced teacher in both group and individual settings. He is Adjunct Assistant Professor at Hofstra University, where he has taught courses in the neurological basis of speech and hearing, and he also teaches at Anatomy & Physiology at Brooklyn College.